Our company Huafeng Huajin, located in the beautiful west coast of China on the strait of Taiwan, home of the famous goddess Mazu from Meizhou Island, is a high-tech textile enterprise with green sustainable development as its strategic goal and independent research and development as its core, providing green sustainable development technology and application solutions for the textile industry. We have our own brand products such as "HUAFENG Fabrics" and " HAPTIC 3D Additive Printing", which are widely used in many fields such as footwear and apparel, home textiles, electronics, home furnishings, automobiles, etc. We have established strategic partnerships with multiple leading international sports brands and worked together to promote the green sustainable development strategies.


To meet the market demand, the company has established the Huafeng R&D Base as well as five industrial parks, namely of, Green Fiber Industrial Park, Textile Industrial Park, Huajin Industrial Park, Huaqing Industrial Park and Sporting Goods Industrial Park. Huafeng R&D Base is mainly devoted to the research and development of high-value recycling of raw materials in textile industry, advanced technologies and applications of textile green energy saving, while Green Fiber Industrial Park is specialized in the production of green and environmentally friendly fibers. Textile Industrial Park, is fully engaged in the production of textile functional fabrics. Huajin Industrial Park is mainly devoted to the application of green and energy-saving dyeing and finishing technology. Huaqing Industrial Park,which is mainly devoted to the production of high-end textile fabrics. Huafeng Sporting Goods Industrial Park mainly produces HAPTIC additive printing footwear uppers and finished shoes & apparel.


Insisting on innovation-driven strategy, with R&D concept and production system have moved closer to Industry 4.0, our company has owned scientific research and innovation platforms such as National Enterprise Technology Center, Academician Expert Workstation, Foreign Expert Service Station, Post-Doctoral Research Center and Fujian Key Laboratory and etc., and has set up product design centers in America and Germany; meanwhile and R&D centers have been founded in Vietnam, Shanghai, and Fujian. Employment of academician of Chinese Academy Engineering, and doctors from America, Germany, Hongkong and Taiwan brings us strong design and R&D team. The technology of recycled polyester filament developed by the company has reached the world leading level, forming a good pattern of "R&D generation, production generation and reserve generation".


Never forget why we started when forge ahead. Members of HUAFENG constantly promote the corporate culture of “professionalism, responsibility, service and innovation”. Upholding our strategy of providing high-value recycling of textile raw materials, green and energy-saving textile technology and application solutions, HUAFENG strives to build a fully vertically integrated industrial chain, striving to build a green and sustainable recycling industry chain enterprise containing recycling, green recycling fiber, weaving, post-finishing, additive printing and sports goods manufacturing.